Your Wealth is in Your Health

Saturday, August 29, 2009

When you are healthy, you are also wealthy. Not in a monetary sense, but in a body sense. Nothing is more important than your health, and if you were wealthy, you would not be able to spend money if you were in poor health. To make sure that you are in the greatest of health, you must exercise on a regular basis and eat foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. If you have poor food eating habits, then even small changes to your diet can really help a lot. The main thing is to be able to distinguish between healthy foods and not so healthy foods. You have to eat many vegetables and fruit, and grains, and stay away from foods with too many calories, and a lot of fat. You need five servings of fruit and vegetables a day. This is not always easy to do, so drinking fruit and vegetable juice along with healthy food can help. Making small changes gradually is much easier than trying to change your entire diet all at once. Writing down what you eat and drink everyday can give you a good picture of what you eat. This will help you decide which foods you need to eat more of and which ones you should cut back on. If you find yourself at a loss, ask a nutritionist for help. They can advise you on the proper nutrition you need to be your healthiest. Newspapers and magazines do not always have the right information. Do not rely on vitamins, as these are not as good as the real thing. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain many more vitamins and minerals. Try changing around what you eat, since variety is the spice of life. The same old foods get boring eventually, so look for new healthy recipes to incorporate into your daily menu. Avoid fried foods whenever possible, as these are high in fat and cholesterol. Baking or grilling low fat foods is much healthier. Do without salad dressing that is too oily, as they contain many calories. Try drinking diet drinks that do not contain sugar, or water and tea, as these are much better for you, and contain no calories. Sleep is also important when you are trying to lose weight. It will also give you the energy you need to exercise everyday. When you are sleepy, your body makes you think that you are hungry, which can lead to eating more calories than you need to. Sleep will make you feel better all around, and you will have energy to spare. Exercise will give you more energy the more you do it. When starting an exercise program, begin slowly with walking, and add more as your confidence level rises. Swimming, aerobics, and running are also great options. If you eat healthy everyday, and follow a good exercise program regularly, you can be sure to have a body that is full of the wealth of health.


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