10 Steps For Better Sleep

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ten point plan on going to sleep at night:

1: UNWIND ......RELAX: It's essential that your mind be geared for sleep. Sit down for half an hour or even an hour before bedtime. Let the mind wander .take it quietly, gently unwinds. Tensions and anxieties are gently released from the system through this simple way.

2: READ A BOOK: Many find it especially relaxing and mentally soothing to read for a while before the lights are out. This helps gear the mind to a low-key pitch which is an essential prerequisite for prompt and relaxing sleep.

3: SHORT BOUT OF ACTIVITY: Frequently a short, casual stroll before bed will similarly remove tensions and anxieties from the mind. Just amble, tiredness and a lovely sense fatigue. These days’ jogging is popular.

4: WARM BATH: There is little so relaxing as a nice warm shower or bath. The latter is more effective but it takes a bit longer. This warms the blood a little giving a soporific effect when it circulates to the brain centers.

5: WARM DRINK: Many people find a warm to hot milk drink very relaxing. Indeed recent research reported in the BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL indicates this definitely improves sleeping ability. It is preferable to have tea or coffee for this contains caffeine which is a nerve stimulant and will have the converse effect. Either milk as such, or with any of the many commercial0 additives is suitable. Take your pick.

6: WARM BED: It is desirable for the bed to be nice and warm. In summer this happens automatically, but in cooler weather, an electric blanket is the answer to cold bed problem. Warmth breeds relaxation, contentment and nervous satisfaction.

7: COMFORTABLE BED: Sleep comes best and fastest when the bed is comfortable. A bed you find that doesn’t allow you to relax completely will never a good starting point for prompt, restful slumber.

8: RELAXATION: You must learn to relax the entire system completely and utterly once you go to bed. When all the forgoing routines have been followed and you hit bed, gently stretch out into the most comfortable lying position you can find (it may on flat of the back or one side, rarely on the stomach) start with the left toes and systematically relax this part. Work up to the ankle, lower leg, knee, and thigh. Do the left side then the right. Then the whole body in the same way.

9: RELAXING THOUGHTS: As you relax the various joints and muscles system, you gradually phase out all conscious thoughts from your mind. This takes practice and time .It will not come overnight on the first occasion. You must work at it, and stick to the routine. Some prefer to think of happy-occasions, of relaxing situations-lying in the sun on the beach or on a freshly mown lawn. Mind pictures must be on pleasant experiences. These will give a way today dreaming thoughts, visions and sensations. Then they gradually become vague and vaguer, as you gradually drift into oblivion.

10: DEEP BREATHS: As you care for your mind in this manner, gradually take deep breaths. They should be rhythmical, deep, slow and regular. Softly, slowly, rhythmically as you breath in ... out....in....out......you then count. Slowly, very slowly taking one figure with each two to three breaths .Finally you softly tell yourself you will be fast asleep by the time you count to ten. "One ...in, out....in, out....in, out....two...in, out....."


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