Avoiding Mental Illness

Saturday, August 29, 2009

DANGER SIGNS:Certain signs indicate the danger of mental illness. Inability to relax and persistent fatigue are two examples. Every one gets tired, of courses, but tiredness should not last too long. Normally a good night's sleep should refresh a person. When an individual feels "All keyed up," When he has difficulty in getting to sleep, and when he has terrorizing dreams, the indications are that his mental health is declining.Loss of interest in one's affairs is another unfavorable sign. Inability to control one's thoughts may be a danger signal. When the student finds his mind wandering aimlessly; when the schoolteacher can't keep up with her duties; when the Stenographer catches herself making frequent serious errors-then a checkup is in order .Forgetfulness is another danger sign.WHAT TO DO?Suppose some of the danger signs just listed are present in your case. What should you do about it? The first step is to search for the underlying stress or unsolved problem, whatever it may be. If you are disappointed in not having reached a cherished goal, get busy with plans for the future instead of brooding over the past. And in making these plans; make them realistic, reasonably within your ability to carry out. If someone has betrayed your confidence, don't lose faith in humanity. Learn the lesson that the experience can teach; plan a way of avoiding similar trouble next time, and then start over.Once you have found the trouble and remedied it as best you can, set about to improve your moral. This consists of more than biting your lip to keep from complaining. Emphasize the positive of living. Think courageously and then act the part.The person with good moral keeps clearly in mind his reason for living. He has a goal and is interested in making in progress toward it. He has faith-faith in mankind, in the future, in God. He can rise above life's grievances. This appointments and rebuffs do not get him down. He has courage that faced the future.


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